Understand the real agenda. The Price Tower, which is lit up in the background, has been transferred to private ownership, the entire city block, making the area where drag performances are performed private land. The transfer was made for $10 to Cynthia Blanchard. This transfer came just days after a Federal Whistleblower was acquitted by a Jury of speaking out about Cynthia Blanchard's WIRE FRAUD, in a series of investment scams. https://www.examiner-enterprise.com/story/news/2023/03/25/price-tower-sold-the-for-the-debt-10-and-a-promise/70033098007/ Cynthia Blanchard claims more than 50 jobs coming to Bartlesville from "teams" located around the world "software development via its teams in Brazil, Europe, Grand Cayman, Kansas City, New York, Houston, Orlando, Oklahoma City and other locations."

http://m.bartlesvilleradio.com/pages/news/307022021/cyber-security-company-picks-bartlesville-as-new-home Cynthia Blanchard and her husband Anthem H. Blanchard (36 years younger than she), also implicated in the Bitclub Ponzi scheme prosecuted US Attorneys New Jersey, their advisors are now convicted Federal Felons. Russ Medlin a convicted pedophile (from Las Vegas where the Blanchards previously lived), currently incarcerated in Indonesia for paid sex with minor children, is referenced as their associate, according to Federal Lawsuit in Kansas where Chad Koehn an investment advisor in Kansas was accused of pedophile connections. Koehn is now permanently banned from the investment industry, just google Chad Koehn Lawsuit. Blanchards and Koehn now control the land used for drag shows and are connected to pedophiles according to the Federal Lawsuit. Both are represented by Craig Brand a Florida based criminal defense attorney who has Federal Fugitive pedophile clients currently on the run after achieving bail in Federal pedophile cases. COINCIDENCE? Dale Takio a partner in Price Tower deal is formally charged in a racketeering plot where the whistleblower was killed according to press and federal court records.

https://www.dailycommercial.com/story/news/2015/05/20/article-ba0538ad-ef63-5290-be2a-b5cbb0429736-html/64696302007/ Dale Takio is also represented by Craig Brand the pedophile attorney. Michael Moran also listed as partner with Dale Takio and Cynthia Blanchard in the price tower is a sex offender from florida also represented by Craig Brand:


Drag Shows will now go on in front of the Price Tower, now that the land is privatized and whistleblowers alerting the City to wire fraud ponzi scheme by the Blanchard's are thrown in jail and beaten; the police detective in the case is William Miles Lewis, who testified he has no jurisdiction to investigate ponzi schemes and market manipulations occurring from Bartlesville. Lewis is being sued in Federal Court alongside Pitts for MURDERING a citizen. Lewis is used as a pawn to silence any critic and imprison the innocent. Truth is stranger than fiction. Spoiler Alert, the whistleblower in the case was found NOT GUILTY, even though City Manager Mike Lee Bailey a Certified Public Accountant who ironically has images of him dressed in drag appearing across the internet, was the chief witness presented by Will Drake against the Federal Whistleblower in the bizarre case brought by Mike Bailey and Cynthia and Anthem Blanchard. Is it all a COINCIDENCE? Just as coincidental as the Economic Development committee and City Council giving over a $100,000 to reimagine restaurants in the Price Tower including LOVE66, a quick google search and you will discover F66 is a code for sexual disorders related to sexual and gender orientation. Another Coincidence?

Get the transcripts of the Case of Oklahoma vs. Nelson read the testimony of Cynthia Blanchard and William Miles Lewis, it will open your eyes!

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