This is unbelievable (though sadly — not). No, this would never have been permitted— when we were a moral country. Excellent work! This needs to be shared everywhere. We are well past the time when it’s okay for adults to stand idly by as children are harmed. This is “grooming” in a [still largely] one-sided culture war.

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This is what happens when good people stand down. When people care about being seen as loving by people who pervert who everything they touch.

I am sick of the apathy of Christians and conservatives when it comes to this.

Even God asks in Psalms 94:16, "Who will rise up for me against the evildoers? or who will stand up for me against the workers of iniquity?"

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Yet another reason to keep your kids out of public school and homeschool them. I'm a lifelong resident of Oklahoma and know this state's values better than anyone anyone else and folks, this nonsense is NOT in line with Oklahoma's values.

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What The!!!??? is all I can say this is not just evil but intentional. I have a podcast would you be interested in coming on? I am doing a series with a friend of mine on the comprehensive, sexual education, mental health, social contagion that are children are being exposed to.

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Huh? Really? Is it wrong to think that someone who resigned for being in possession of child porn should even be close to children much less teaching? What in the world is wrong with our educators that they would even think of hiring someone like this? I'm with the poster below - homeschooling is the only way to save the sanity and preciousness of our children.

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Shane Murnan is the Principal at JOHN GLENN Elementary, not Western Heights as is being reported elsewhere. Western Heights is the name of the school district.

Please call or email the school or district to express the danger of this situation:

Phone: (405) 350-3410

Administrator Contact:






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No one shows up to vote in school board elections, and it’s very difficult to find information on the people running. I’ve tried to be diligent, and the candidate I support never wins.

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Just the tip of the iceberg. Little Axe school and especially the Norman school teachers has for years promoted homosexuality and transgender lifestyles in their classes. This is SICK.

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I'm convinced that this is being forced in to destroy public schooling. The uniparty in action.

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These are your kids. You’d better stand up for them and fire this school board. You have the power as the parents. Make it happen.

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Excellent post. I am going to repost/cut-past in my stack, if you don't mind.

I have been making the larger point that this incremental step with the overt and drastic push of drag/queer/trans ideology - especially in schools - is to usher in the pedophile legitimization.

I've often said that the larger Trans agenda and the pedophile movement are ideological siblings, with the same parents.

Understand that these orchestrators - any of the elites who are intent on a NWO/Great reset - know that they must do two things (among hundreds of others in order to implement their agendas/ideologies.

1. They have to destroy ALL measures and forms of accepted societal normalcies. That includes religions, families, parental sovereignty, long held truths - 2 sexes, 2+2=4, meritocracy, common sense, critical thought and freedom of speech and to question others speech.

2. They MUST subvert and indoctrinate the children, as early as possible, in order to assure their agendas /ideologies have future, fertile ground in which to flourish. The real damage is not the present day grooming/molestation of the children (although that is heinous), it is to have a society where these perversions, cognitive dissonance and "new" reality/truths are NORMAL. In order to have a controllable, demoralized (as in devoid of morals) society you must strip children of any anchoring or grounding elements and tools.

We are losing the future one child at a time. They will become the adults, who see all this, as normal.

One last thing.

We see schools, cities and states getting away with these types of perverted subversion, due to "Trade Offs".

Those trades are being made by the general population. You aw this during the scamdemic, but it had been going on for well over a century. This is just one of the latest examples.

For the reward of Comfort, Convenience and Entertainment, we have let the orchestrators do anything they wanted.

If that sound hyperbolic, consider that we are in the midst of a soft genocide, where millions have been killed and still are being killed, by a global regime's orchestrated and implemented scamdemic of bio-weapons and then a globally implemented second bio-weapon in the form of experimental jabs. During that whole time, we traded off our rights, sovereignty, freedom, health, jobs, investments, and in many cases the future health of our children, for those three things...Comfort, Convenience and Entertainment.

Those trades have made ALL the chaos we see today possible...to include these perverted, mentally ill groomers, being given positions of access and influence over our children.

Great post, thanks for getting this out there.

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