I HEAR YOU! Thanks for bringing the story forth. I shall reward you if'n I don't have to use my credit card. I must have missed the tv coverage, since I don't much watch tv indoctrination anymore. They're not even very good at the weather, lol.

Here's the Deal: Bartlesville has ALWAYS been a filthy cesspool of corruption. B0Y, the stories I could tell, like the judge Myrna who was besties with the mom of an ex of mine, named MYRNA, who raked me over for MYRNA'S SON. Absolute corruption, and the cops... started stalking myself and 2 friends at about 12 yrs old.. crUIsed us, about 4 times, just sitting there in the grass on the corner, talking..so I said, let's RUN to E's house! So we hit the tracks and disappeared, hid in the bushes watching that cop have an absolute FIT. 10 minutes later, we're just sitting in the grass on a summer day, playing again. He was FURIOUS, and wrote our names in his little black book "for future reference." We made sure he got the spelling right. Too young to realize that he was a stalker. Then about 86 or so, threw me in JAIL for 3 DAYS for wearing dark glasses on a motorcycle instead of goggles. I ain' lyin'.

Anyway, it sure was fun watching MYRNA'S boy do some heinous stuff and TAUNT the cops to chase him, lmao. Got away every time. Heard some years later that he held his mom hostage upstairs and kept her drugged, LMAO. She managed to get to a window and call a neighbor for help. Yeah, well. She shouldn't have HELPED him to rip me off. She COACHED him with Myrna's HELP(yeah, the JUDGE).

Yup, Bartlesville is the anus of the world. There's some good folk there, but it's a hellhole. Always has been. This ol biker broad spent way to many years there in death valley, that town was never nice to me- and I'm more than a bit surprised how this infuriates me. I'm no bible thumpin' Christian, but I Believe, absolutely. And YEAH, I'M PHOBIC. Every gay I partied with felt me up- they were WORSE than men. Acted like they had a 'right.'

I'm already goin' to hell(or in it, lol), sinnin' and grinnin', but I ALWAYS STAND UP for what is Right and Just, or when things go sideways; I have a reputation for it... and frankly, those cops should be jailed for violation of oath. Get all those names and badge numbers, for they have also violated the law. "Public decency," or something or other like that. 'Course, they're kinda speshul up there- knowing what I know, pretty sure there's a LOT of inbreeding.. I mean, MYRNA's son sure seemed to be 'cuzins' to darn near everyone I asked, lol. Trying to figure out exactly who was stalking me and playing me across gun sights.. and the cops laughed. Funny, they NEVER got out of their vehicles for a confrontation. The cops made me go handle my own business, so I DID.

I'm not a good 'representative,' but I'm darn good backup, and not a BIT afraid. Of the cops, either. But I do brandish my words like a cleaver. Just call me an instrument, I get inspired. Alll they gotta do is lay a hand on me FIRST, lolol. Party's on.

I'm in a decent position right now, I'd like to contribute financially, but I'd rather do some 'charity' & give him cash- or cut a check since visa already blocked a political contribution to the wrong side and I had to LINE THEM OUT that they're not my mommy, and it's none of their business, nor their financial concern(I'm still punishing them- and they're offering to up my credit, lol).

This Supreme Court case~ I really don't see how Stitt WOULDN'T do something about it, when they're BRINGING the VIOLENCE to our state, and he HAS terminated criticizing race theorem in OKLA to a full room of standing applause, but it still can't be cheap. It would be magnificent if they had to pay all of those expenses as well as for their past infractions, hah. Make sure ya ask for that. I'm just down the road from the anus of the world. Just might show UP for that hearing, maybe on the bike.. maybe with a friend or 2...

I know this got l0ng, but after re-reading, Im leaving it like it is. It SHOULD be of record for that filthy place. Good luck, all.

Scary(that's my nickname, lol...ooooo)

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BOYCOTT BARTLESVILLE!!!!! TAKE YOUR TRAVEL AND TOURISM DOLLARS SOMEWHERE ELSE!!!!!! There are ways better places than this in Oklahoma!!!!!!!

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Perfectly and accurately drafted. The author has been highly trained by the right people. I hope that James O'Keefe and the Daily Wire pay them for using their work.

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DID they use their work? That's great! Haven't heard much from O'Keefe lately. It's nice to get credit, but it's an important topic that needs to be covered anyway. If they didn't credit the work, that's a copyright violation, isn't it? I'm behind ya. never give up, never give in. Good luck!

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No need to visit bartlesville and deal with the satanic evil that has taken root there. The price tower is now a place ritual child abuse. Any artifacts that had any value to anyone have now been sold off. Not even to the highest bidder. 100's of chairs, paintings, reliefs, statutes and other valuable irreplaceable art works of Goff and Wright have been removed secretly from the building and storage units in the dead of night. Cynthia Blanchard the new owner, first LIED to EE reporters then openly swore at them yelling obscenities across the parking lot. Will she be charged for the obscene language in public, for the public threats, for the harassment, Definitely NOT! Cynthia Blanchard is in business with Bartlesville's own City Attorney Jess Kane, his law firm with David King are Cynthia Blanchard's personal attorneys! Yeah no conflict of interest there! Jess Kane, who refuses to protect our children from drag shows and transgender indoctrinations, and his law partner David King who is not just the legal advisor to the BDA but also Secretary of the Lyon Foundation, made certain to give Cynthia Blanchard $300,000 in tax payer funds for eateries in the building no strings attached! Then they purposefully lean on our weak pathetic District Attorney that refuses to act with the force of his office to stop the public corruption! Cynthia Blanchard doesn't pay her fair share in property taxes, she pays ZERO property taxes on the price tower, she has stolen hundreds of thousands in art work and furniture from the price tower, everyone looks the other way, cause her attorneys are the City Attorneys, the BDA attorney, the Lyon Foundation secretary, John Kane is profiting, the Vaclaw's are profiting, the Amblers, Mayor Dale Copeland, and Jim Curd the TURD they are all profiting behind the scenes in a dirty deal cooked up by Kimberly Doegness and her submissive husband Brad, who is such a sucker, he will take any money he can that is free and tax payer funds. This whole price tower transfer is as shady and under handed as it can be. People have witnessed hundreds of items that are irreplaceable that have gone missing, and still with the massive interstate theft of our priceless art and historical cultural history, Cynthia Blanchard is not investigated or charged. Why? She certainly has dirt on the elites that are involved in the ritual sacrifice of the innocence of children! If there weren't ritual child abuse and molestation of children going on regularly at the Price Tower, then the District Attorney certainly would have investigations opened and Cynthia Blanchard would not still be walking around as a free person! END the Child Abuse! End the Satanic Ritual Abuse of children in Bartlesville:


The Ritual Abuse of Children now continues at the Price Tower as the art work and cultural history is sold off to the lowest bidder and hidden way in Texas in the Blanchard's personal storage:


Upon arriving Wednesday evening, the EE reporter was accosted by Price Tower owner Cynthia Blanchard.

"Andy, what the f*** are you doing here? What the f*** are you doing?" Blanchard yelled from across the parking lot.

Goff was far from the only prominent Bartlesville citizen to be accused of child abuse, and the accusations of ritual stemming from the area have continued for decades.

One of the numerous sex abuse scandals to come out of Bartlesville is the "Voice of the Martyrs" scandal, which was pointed out to me by Sharpedge42. Voice of the Martyrs is headquartered in Bartlesville OK.

It describes itself as a "nonprofit, interdenominational Christian missions organization dedicated to serving our persecuted family worldwide through practical and spiritual assistance and leading other members of the body of Christ into fellowship with them."

Sharpedge42 pointed out that the group is very well funded.

The President of the group killed himself after an investigation into alleged abuse of a young girl was initiated. After White's death, the investigation into child abuse was closed.

Big surprise the Chief of Police is involved. Look at the connections to Kevin Buchanan is he still the corrupt District Attorney that will not look into these thefts by Blanchard?

Who will protect our history? Who will protect our tax dollars? Certainly not the corrupt city council and certainly NEVER JESS M. KANE, the city attorney who is at the heart of every dispute, he is the personal attorney for the City, and for Cynthia Blanchard! That is a CONFLICT of INTEREST!

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