Cynthia French Blanchard the “womyn” behind the price tower purchase for $10 has a long and storied history of filing false police reports against her own investors. When investors report being scammed by her she runs to Ray of Hope and the BPD to file harassment charges against the people who she has committed WIRE FRAUD against. Rather than investigate the wire fraud the BPD uses their judges to arrest and incarcerate those who speak out about being defrauded. Ray of Hope is used as a weapon to fleece people’s retirement funds and prop Cynthia Blanchard and her wire fraud as a means to carryon transexual public performances now from the recently privatized price tower. US Senator RINO Lankford supports the fake cryptocurrency Ponzi schemes and the transexual indoctrination of children by this group accused of wire fraud investment frauds Anthem Gold and Bitclub. Cynthia Blanchard two years ago promised 50 jobs to Bartlesville and claimed 10 employees moved to Bartlesville secretly but PPP loans under written by Truity FCU show 9 employees were there pre-COVID so did Bartlesville Radio lie in press articles? http://m.bartlesvilleradio.com/pages/news/307022021/cyber-security-company-picks-bartlesville-as-new-home

Or is it even more nefarious with price tower principles Dale Takio who pushed BAA out of price tower annex? Takio escaped racketeering charges when a whistleblower was found dead. https://www.orlandosentinel.com/2015/05/23/officials-whistle-blower-in-simon-property-group-theft-case-found-dead/

Then Cynthia Blanchard brings Michael Moran to Bartlesville another convicted sexual predator


You decide given the facts reported regarding the sale of price tower for $10


Racketeering criminal Dake Takio escapes prosecution after whistleblower found dead, Mike Moran a child sex predator, Cynthia Blanchard connected to Russ medlin convicted paedophile in prison in Indonesia where he travelled from UNITED arabs Emirates, Medlin in prison for paid sex with 11 year olds. Now price tower a beacon for grooming children through transexual parties. Bartlesville PD involved in protecting and promoting transexual events. US Senator James Lankford meets with Cynthia Blanchard promoting her bitcoin Ponzi fraud. Boycott Bartlesville end grooming of children.

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9 suicides, 4 homicides and 3 murders, all linked to anthem Hayek Blanchard and his wif3 36 years older than he. WIRE FRAUD through fake gold sales, cryptocurrency frauds pump n dumps through market manipulation, all orchestrated from Bartlesville Oklahoma by Joshua Gunter related to Cynthia Blanchard but not by blood or marriage according to court transcripts. Now Cynthia Blanchard owns the Price Tower for $10 drag shows and transgender strip shows are the norm at the price tower and legal under the city resolution allowing for them in public but on private land. Russ Medlin convicted pedophile is Cynthia Blanchards wire fraud partner in Bitclub Ponzi scheme. https://coconuts.co/jakarta/news/russ-medlin-bitcoin-scammer-and-pedophile-wanted-by-the-fbi-arrested-in-jakarta/

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Why are County Court records disappearing? Why is Jill Spitzer the County Court Clerk hiding transctips of court cases, why is Will Drakes seeking to expunge court records to prevent transcripts form being obtained by the media?

https://behindmlm.com/companies/bitclub-network/bitclub-network-creators-arrested-doj-alleges-722m-ponzi/ Now that CYNTHIA BLANCHARD has control of the Price Tower a Bartlesville landmark, handed to her by Brad Doenges on the urging of Kimberly Doenges (convicted for child endangerment), the transfer of a building assessed by the City at more than $6,000,000 though no property transfer taxes were paid, because they did it in a hurry to make it private land for Transexual grooming activities. Dosset had written the truth, until the powers that be got to him. "We were in an insurmountable amount of debt," said Keffer of PTAC. "And the (Copper Tree) group has taken over operations and that debt." https://www.examiner-enterprise.com/story/news/2023/03/25/price-tower-sold-the-for-the-debt-10-and-a-promise/70033098007/ But is that the truth? Donna Keffer is business partners of Scott Ambler, who rents space in the Price Tower, bill all the way around for grooming activities.

https://www.examiner-enterprise.com/story/news/2023/03/25/price-tower-sold-the-for-the-debt-10-and-a-promise/70033098007/ PROOF is in the articles from just a couple of months previous where Donna Keffer is quoted. "We just now have got ourselves in a good spot," said Keffer. "The board members really stepped up and believed in the mission."


WAIT WHAT? Middle of November 2022, Price Tower is flush with cash and turned the corner after years of financial woes, then 3 months later it is an emergency to give the building away for $10, to a New Mexico LLC, exposed by the light becomes visible, 14for everything that becomes visible is light." End the reign of darkness on Bartlesville. Boycott Bartlesville until the evil wickedness is removed, stop it before it spreads like a Cancer. The “woman”, Blanchard who is the new owner is connected to multiple convicted and incarcerated pedophiles? The building escapes all transfer taxes and no property taxes are paid, but wait there is still more, the PTAC that supposedly owned the building that was donated to a nonprofit from ConocoPhillips gives the building to Blanchard, the Bartlesville Art Association (BAA) that is over 70 years old, has its rent jacked from $1,100 per month to $5,800 per month,


who does the rent hike Dale Takio, a man who was charged with a multi-million dollar racketeering plot in Florida, charges against him were dropped after a whistleblower wound up dead. Takio escapes fraud charges when a whistle blower dies, he brings in Michael Moran, currently a non-compliant sex offender from Florida, https://offender.fdle.state.fl.us/offender/sops/flyer.jsf?personId=82379 GUILTY of aggravated sexual assault on a child. So in order to have Drag Shows and Transexual strip shows in public the Price Tower icon is transferred by a guy whose wife is guilty of Child Endangerment, transferred to a “woman” with a diplomatic passport to a fake country with no age of consent laws and claims diplomatic immunity, while connected with a convicted pedophile, in prison in Indonesia for surprisingly the same conduct paid sexual relations with minor children, the same woman Blanchard supposedly secretly brought 10 jobs to the city, but reports show she got nearly a $100k in PPP loans, another lie about jobs in the City, she claimed to bring another 10-50 jobs within two years, now its two years later and no jobs, in fact the 10 jobs she claimed are nonexistent. Instead she now has a new company with a guy charged with racketeering and theft from a public company, who had charges dismissed after a whistleblower was found dead? https://www.orlandosentinel.com/2015/05/23/officials-whistle-blower-in-simon-property-group-theft-case-found-dead/ who then brings in a convicted child molester to hand the technology end of the price tower. Wait Donna Coffer said the price tower was flush with cash and had turned the financial corner back just three months prior, but all of a sudden the tower is transferred for $10 to Blanchard, just weeks before Jess Kane shows his hand in the deal struck that drag shows and tranny strip shows can go on private land. Coincidence?

The plot line gets better. CYNTHIA BLANCHARD accused a man named Micheal Eric Nelson of harassment, there are detailed transcripts floating around from trials in the case. Anthem Blanchard Cynthia Blanchard’s wife says Nelson was convicted of crimes and was killed or died in prison. The Oklahoma court system shows Nelson was exonerated, found NOT GUILTY, fact the word used is acquitted. Now the Court is refusing access to the court records, forget just slow walking records they are outright refusing to provide transcripts and records, while Anthem Blanchard the wife of Cynthia Blanchard tells everyone this Nelson guy was convicted and died in prison. Couldn't be further from the truth, the Nelson guy was acquitted (found NOT GUILTY) by a Jury right here in Washington County. Now Zoe Guellett is the only attorney listed and she is having the entire case expunged sealed so no one will ever know the truth. We tried to get copies of the transcript in this bizarre case with CYNTHIA BLANCHARD (who used to be Cynthia French from Dewey High) sworn testimony of Blanchard and Jessica Pitts partner Bill Lewis who was involved in murdering a citizen along side Jessica Pitts, is now being hidden from the public. Jill Spitzer Court Clerk, said we had to come back Friday to request the transcripts. What would you know as soon as we come to request the transcripts in Washington County Case CF-2021-00304 the judge has been changed to Judge Franks (formerly Williams) Nelson’s New York City attorney ADAMS has been removed, the case is set for expungement, and we are told the transcripts are protected will not be released because the case is set for expungement. The attorney listed seeking the expungement is Zoe Guellet one of Will Drake’s assistant district attorneys. City Manager Mike Bailey, filed charges against Nelson but those charges were later dismissed. Transcripts are being expunged and the case is set to forever disappear as Jill Spitzer will not provide public documents. Nelson’s attorney is missing from the case file. Blanchard’s are lying to everyone saying Nelson was convicted and died in prison, the facts show Nelson was acquitted by a jury. What is that Court doing? Even when they lose a jury trial they play games to prevent the truth from being seen by the public. Another case involving Nelson and Blanchard was presided over by Judge Russ Vaclaw who is also a special family in Bartlesville, that case was later dismissed, after the law firm of Jess Kane entered an appearance for the Blanchard’s. This shows Jess Kane represents the City of bartlesville and represents CYNTHIA BLANCHARD who had BRAD DOENGES wife of Kimberly (convicted for child endangerment) transfer the Price tower to BLANCHARD for $10 just weeks before making a deal to have drag shows on private property.

This hall of fame is more like a hall of shame, have a look at the names and then match the names to the players in the drag and transexual debate in Bartlesville. Kane as in Jess Kane is a special hall of shame https://bartlesvillecf.org/legacy-hall-of-fame/kane-family/ , Doenges as in Brad and child endangerment convict Kimberly Doenges are shamers, https://bartlesvillecf.org/legacy-hall-of-fame/19-2/ Scotty Ambler partners with Donna Keffer who rent space in Price Tower that says in November the Arts Center has turned the financial corner then 3 months later gives away a building for no property transfer taxes, and the six million dollar assessment escapes all city taxes. The Adams family is where KEVIN ADAMS https://bartlesvillecf.org/legacy-hall-of-fame/adams-family/ the New York City attorney came back to represent Nelson who appears to be a Yankee who has no connection to Bartlesville, but was charged with emailing Mike Bailey years before the drag show controversy Scotty Ambler became shamers the same year, Haskell sold properties to the Blanchard’s and are always defending them, Scott Ambler rents space in Price Tower and is listed as part of Copper Tree alongside noncompliant child molester Mike Moran and Dale Takio who escaped criminal charges after a whistleblower wound up dead. The Curd family as in Jim Curd the turd https://bartlesvillecf.org/legacy-hall-of-fame/curd-family-2018/ who voted in the deal to allow drag shows and tranny strip shows to groom children is listed. Judge Russell Vaclaw who is at the heart of nearly every dispute he only recuses himself after he makes rulings big surprise Valcaw is also a shameful family https://bartlesvillecf.org/legacy-hall-of-fame/vaclaw-family-2021/ big shock here the Gorman on the YMCA with Kane, Doenges (convicted child endangerment), David King who is law partners with Jess Kane is also listed a shamer https://bartlesvillecf.org/legacy-hall-of-fame/king-family-2022/ They look past the child neglect, endangerment, molestation, grooming as long as the victims are just the poor and the nobodies in town, as long as your connected to the elites you can do whatever you want in Bartlesville. https://wfcchurch.org/support/

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